Reverse Engineering

  • Drawing and Modeling services
    We have experience working with the latest engineering tools and technologies. We have the required skills to create relevant drawings and models required for the project in any desired format.
  • Reverse Engineering Process We Follow
    Being a leading engineering service providing company, we believe in providing quality services within a quick turnaround time. This is possible by making use of a streamlined and systematic process.
  • Receive Parts
    In the first step, we receive the parts and the physical components from the client for our team’s review.
  • Scanning
    Our team perform a laser scan of the part and extracts the crucial cloud point data to our system.
  • Modeling
    Using the cloud point data, our team generates a 2D/3D model which can be used to enhance the product. This includes inspection, failure analysis, general study, reproduction, etc.


  • Once the job is assigned to respective recruiters, we establish a search strategy as to how to get maximum relevant candidates for the opening and start contacting them.
  • Invention prototypes
    Bring your new ideas to life with our invention prototyping services. We help inventors go from a simple napkin sketch to a fully functional prototype for demo and testing.
  • Hardware/Tech prototypes
    We work on consumer electronics, hardware and technology product prototypes, offering a full range of design, development and prototype manufacturing services.

Mechanical Fabrication & turnkey solutions

  • We are proud to provide top quality mechanical and fabrication services to a wide range of clients. If you are looking for a flexible, dedicated and committed team to help with your mechanical and fabrication solutions we are sure to be able to help.
  • Our complete turnkey approach to providing total solutions including manufacturability analysis, product design or design assistance, product optimization, hard and soft tooling development, electro-mechanical test and assembly—all with turnaround times unmatched in the industry.

Hardware Designing

  • DDS Group delivers the finest Hardware Design Services. Our product engineering services include board design, PCB layout, programmable logic, and enclosure designs that integrate FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complicated RF, analog, and power systems, from the basic architecture phase through production support.
  • DDS Group typically begins work by analyzing if your product concept is viable. After analyzing the project requirements and all input data, our technical experts may suggest several ways for designing and creating your gadget. During development, your product may go through several iterations and assessments to get the desired result. Depending on your demands, DDS engineering team may provide a wide range of hardware product design services.

System Software Design & IOT based product development

  • We create a well-thought-out design to build an easy-to-use product that helps your brand get a vision to life. Our team develops physical prototypes that duplicate the product experience to ensure a seamless user experience. We implement Design for Manufacture principle for engineering IoT products

Optical System Design and calibration

  • We provides an optical design solution to customers with specific requirements. We work along with the customer right from the initial specification discussions to the final product delivery.
  • Any optical device or sensor that controls or measures polarization will benefit from accurate calibration and comprehensive specifications. We can measure and calibrate your polarization optics with our metrology polarimeters to better than 1% overall elemental error at various laser wavelengths and provide corresponding CAD files for use in optical-design programs.

Airworthiness design Consultancy for military and civil airborne item

  • We provides a wide range of airworthiness and safety-critical engineering advice and support services spanning equipment life-cycle from design phase through to in-service and de-commissioning. Typically our work is associated with assisting a customer to understand equipment safety and regulatory compliance characteristics and to manage these satisfactorily during acquisition and in-service use.

Airworthiness testing and qualification consultancy

  • We provides support to companies that carry out projects in the Aerospace and Defense Industry in terms of design, testing and airworthiness.

Technical manpower supply & services

  • We offer manpower services to our clients. We provide skilled and experienced manpower on deputation basis for various projects.

System simulation & analysis services

  • Our clients depend on us to interpret their needs and collaborate with them to solve their most difficult engineering simulation and analysis challenges.
  • DDS uses World-Class simulation and analysis capabilities that deliver value to our clients via Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Simulation provides the ability to predict the behavior of designs and systems before they are built.

Aircraft system upgradation & reliability services

  • We provide Aircraft System upgradation & reliability services.

Harness Design & manufacturing

  • DDS Group provides broad range of Wiring Harnesses, Wiring Sets, Connectors & Terminals. As a connective system provider we give our customers, a complete solution from design to sequenced delivery with an expertise in process & product management.

Electromechanical Design Services

  • We specialize in designing systems as per your specifications and required standards. Our structured methodology ensures that all requirements and inputs are in place before the project begins. Internal design reviews, regular project updates to clients, a strict quality check of every deliverable and our First-Time Right approach avoids any major rework in design, thereby drastically reducing overall time to market.
  • Our efficient and reliable service for electro mechanical design in India can be leveraged for :
  • Product Design:
  • Market and user research for new product
  • Product conceptualization
  • Aesthetically appealing and ergonomic design
  • Design Renderings
  • Mockups for concept approval

  • Mechanical Design:
  • Design of sheet metal parts/enclosures
  • Design of plastic parts
  • Design of rubber parts
  • Design of die cast parts
  • Mechanism design
  • Engineering detailing
  • Design for Manufacturing/Assembly
  • Design optimization to reduce weight, part count and manufacturing processes
  • VAVE Studies to reduce cost
  • Machine design
  • Design of enclosures
  • Jigs and Fixture design
  • Design of rotating shafts
  • Creation of standard part libraries

  • Electrical Design:
  • Creation of electrical circuit diagram
  • Selection of components as per capacity and make requirements
  • Creation of 3D wire harness in the system
  • Creation of wire harness drawing and BOM generation

  • Electronics Design:
  • Creation of schematic diagram
  • Selection of components/packages
  • Component placement and routing
  • Creation of PCBA 3D model
  • Design validation
  • Generate BOM and Gerber data for manufacturing

  • Process Design:
  • P&ID development
  • Piping design
  • Process modeling
  • Preparation of data sheets and specifications

Technology product distribution and representation

  • We ensure, partnering with DDS is beneficial for your brands. Our skilled sales engineers work with a team of technically proficient resources who focus on the technical aspects.
  • The well-qualified sales team covers the marketing and selling portion. Consistent business development and post-sales support make it possible for clients to access the latest technology around the realm of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.