DDS Group is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the innovative thinking of the aerospace industry. We focus on innovation and services to help companies create quality products. Aiming to be a technology company in the world, DDS Group has been pursuing its goals with a solid approach from the very beginning. Our experienced staff has perfected their way to help partners create quality products, successfully solving the problems of assisting partners in the production process using high technology. Our revenue model makes it easy for us to invest in and retain great talent, which helps us connect with customers. We are constantly working on our goal of achieving international standards for turnkey solutions. Collaborate with leaders to create solutions to bring their technologies and products to their customers.


About Us

"DDS Group is a professional organization dedicated to the release of thought processes for product development in the Aerospace industry. We specialise in innovative design creation and services that assist businesses in producing high-quality products. "

  • Focused
  • The DDS Group aims to be a world-class technology implementation company with a disciplined approach towards achieving its goal since its inception. Our experienced team members are moving towards the goal of successfully helping great partners build great products by successfully addressing the challenges of assisting partner partners with high-technology design scenarios. Our revenue model allows us the flexibility to invest and retain the same in acquiring exceptional talent that also facilitates the path to collaborative customers. We are continuously working successfully towards achieving the goal of achieving global standards in turnkey solutions. Partners with leading design solution providers in bringing their technology and products to their customers.

  • Mission
  • We at DDS Group share the common values of integrity, accountability, trust, respect for people, and teamwork so that they all guide us in our day-to-day interactions with customers, partners, stakeholders, and suppliers. Hardware Design, PCB Design, Embedded Software Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Tooling and Testing of Electronics, Metal, Plastic Parts, Lithium Batteries & optical product.


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Reverse Engineering

We have experience working with the latest engineering tools and technologies.


Once the job is assigned to respective recruiters, we establish a search strategy as to how to get maximum relevant candidates for the opening and start contacting them.

Mechanical Fabrication & turnkey solutions

We are proud to provide top quality mechanical and fabrication services to a wide range of clients.

Hardware Designing

DDS Group delivers the finest Hardware Design Services.

System Software Design & IOT based product development

We create a well-thought-out design to build an easy-to-use product

Optical System Design and calibration

We provides an optical design solution to customers with specific requirements.

Airworthiness design Consultancy for military and civil airborne item

We provides a wide range of airworthiness and safety-critical engineering advice and support.

Airworthiness testing and qualification consultancy

We provides support to companies that carry out projects in the Aerospace and Defense Industries.

Technical manpower supply & services

We offer Manpower Services to our clients.

System simulation & analysis services

DDS uses world-class simulation and analysis capabilities that deliver value to our clients.

Aircraft system upgradation & reliability services

We provide Aircraft System upgradation & reliability services.

Harness Design & manufacturing

DDS Group provides broad range of wiring harnesses, wiring sets, connectors & terminals

Electromechanical Design Services

We specialize in designing systems as per your specifications and required standards.

Technology product distribution and representation

The well-qualified sales team covers the marketing and selling portion.


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